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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Crafty Goodness

We love crafts here at the Priddy household.  Every single one of my kids love to make things.  My middle one, Mollee, especially loves to give handmade items and crafts.  This year we were able to make a few.  I really wish I would have had more time to make a lot more.  Just wanted to take a moment to share some handmade goodness.

These fantastic blocks resided on my bookshelf in my office. I didn't make these (although similar ones are on my "to do" list), but this very talented lady, Trina, did! I love her shop! Lots of great little whimsical designs.  All block sides have different graphics or words.  I even have some custom blocks in my sewing room that really just make me smile!  These holiday blocks will definitely be something we cherish year after year!  Be sure and mark her as a favorite and order some for yourself.

These little clothespin reindeers were made by my kiddos with the help of my sister.  My sister is a pretty crafty person herself.  However, she generally creates with paint.  I will have to share some of her designs with you one day.  The kids had a lot of fun creating these!

I came across this owl ornament tuturorial by Juicy Bits and FELL IN LOVE!  So did the kids.

The below one is mine.  Kind of a test run before getting the kids involved.

And ta-da!  The whole owl family.  The kids picked out their own felt and color combination.  From left to right:  Baylee's owl (she wanted it to have silly eyes); Ethan's owl, my owl and Mollee's owl.  Did they turn out pretty cute.  Baylee is the only one (the left owl) that attempted to hand stitch the wings.  She tried really hard!  The other kids gave up and I cheated and sewed them on.  We proudly hung all of them on the tree and they will come out every to perch on our tree.

Now this little project was my personal fave!!  I bought the cardboard cylinders on clearance last year after Christmas for super cheap and saved them.  I decided I wanted to turn them into Christmas trees.   With a little help from fabric, trim, Glitter Modge Podge and the holiday crafts section at Hobby Lobby, they all became trees!  I really, really love them!!

Sadly, I didn't get to bake near enough goodies this year.  I plan on making up for that over the next few weeks! 

What fun crafts did you do for the holidays?  Would love to see your handmade goodies!!

P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow for my very first designer feature!  Complete with a giveaway.  You are going to LOVE it!!