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Friday, February 5, 2010

Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles....

Ruffles have been around for a very long time.  They used to be used only on really frilly, girly items.  And over more recent years, in LOTS and LOTS of gorgeous children's clothing.  Nowadays though, talented people have really made them more modern (but still girly) and have put their own spin on them.  When I first started sewing, I made sooooo many ruffled capris, pants and skirts for my girls.  Then they outgrew them (them meaning ruffles).  Such a sad, sad time for me.

Even though I miss making the ruffled clothing for my kids, I have really enjoyed checking out all the "modern day" ruffled items I am seeing everywhere (commercial products and lots and lots of handmade items).  They aren't JUST on clothes any longer.  Although boutique handmade sure does showcase some super cute ruffled outfits!  That is where my ruffled infatuation started.

Gorgeous sets like this fun little ruffled pant set with cute ruffled embellishments on the top just makes me happy.  I miss my girls being small like this and letting me dress them in fab outfits like this.

(picture courtesy of Sweet Dreams Des)

But what I am totally digging is how the ruffles are all over accessories.  You can find them everywhere!  Lots of ruffled goodness and inspiration around every corner.  I swear the ruffle will live forever and that makes me happy.

Ruffled Clutch (love classic black and white)
(picture courtesy of kailochic on Etsy)

Ruffled Bag (love the loose ruffle/pleat)

(picture courtesy of sraige on Etsy)

Ruffled headband
(picture courtesy of lafillefacetieuse on Etsy)

How cute are these.....ruffled bloomers
(picture courtesy of threeyellowstarfish on Etsy)

Ruffled jewelry

(picture courtesy of poppychicdesigns on Etsy)

This is one of my faves...ruffled wristlet (this is on my wish list)

(picture courtesy of LMcreation on Etsy)

And even in home this pillow (my girls saw this and want me to make them ruffled pillows for their room)!

(picture courtesy of missmosh on Etsy)

I even jumped on the ruffled bandwagon last year when I made these.  Boutique children's clothing is what inspired them:

While I loved these and so did others, after about 6 months of making them, I discontinued them.  This particular style just wasn't as practical as I had hoped.  In other words, it was one of those projects that didn't quite turn out how you pictured in your head.  LOL!  It happens.  They looked great, but weren't what I envisioned.  They were just way too wide.  But maybe it is time to re-visit this idea?  Maybe tweek it a little?  Modernize the ruffle a little but also make it practical AND pretty?  And maybe some other ruffled accessories?  Like ruffle options on my camera bags?  Good idea?  Bad idea?  I have lots of ideas.

Stay brain is working overtime on how to make an old product new again.  And rest assured that it will have the uniqueness that Priddy Creations is known for.