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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Customs, New Product and What Else??

 Well, this has been one CRAZY week.  Troy was really busy last week with home inspections so that meant LOTS of report typing for me.  My custom orders have been steady and have also been keeping me busy.  The biggest pain in the *$&#($& was some computer issues that we have been having.  The kids surprised me early for Mother's Day with an iPad.  YAY!!  Welp, we had the hardest time getting it to connect to our modem. I spent HOURS (and I do mean hours) with Apple support trying to get it all worked out.  We got that all straightened but doing that caused issues with my Mac and PC.  UGH!!  I really loathe computer issues (more so than the laundry I always complain about).  We ended up getting everything working again but I did lose emails in the process.  Can you say frustrated?  I really feel like a few hours of my week just wasted away. 

We did have a little breather from softball/sports practices thanks to the TAKS test.  That we enjoyed!

BUT, we made up for it Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Between those 4 days, we played 10 (yep, TEN) softball games.   

I am just not starting off my week together at all.  One hour before we are supposed to be at the ballpark for our game last night and I remember that Baylee's uniform still needs to be dried.  Way to be on top of things mom.  It is ok if she plays in a damp uniform right?  It was in the 90s that day with about a million percent humidity.  So maybe that damp was just what she needed?  No really, it did end of drying completely but I had to scramble to pull it all together.  Happy Monday!!  Here's hoping that today goes much smoother.

This cool poster was taken at the weekend before tournament in Houston.  Isn't it cool?  They did them randomly for all teams that played.  We ordered 2 more prints of Baylee.  Thank goodness the tournament this past weekend was local.  Unfortunately, that didn't mean we got to sleep in.  The girls played ok, but were having an "off" weekend.  We ended up 4th which was not as good as we should have done.  But, it happens.

I was also busy with some custom orders.  Here is one that I will be adding to my inventory... small camera bag lined in minky.  When?  Hopefully this week.  Gotta get a few more customs out the door first.  So keep your eyes out.  It will be a custom listing.


Another quick peek at another custom order.  I have done small camera bags made with this fabric line before.  But the placement and mix of fabrics is a little different than previous orders.

And lastly, a little something I made for me!!  A case for my iPad!  This design has been running around in my head for my eReader cases and laptop cases but I just haven't had the time to make it.  I finally took the time this weekend though and am happy with the results.  Thank goodness it turned out how I wanted the first time!  A few minor tweaks will be made for listed cases, but overall the pattern and design looks like I pictured in my head.  YAY!  Love when that happens!  It will go on my website as a custom order since I do not have any other samples to share for individual listings.  Hopefully I can squeeze in a ready to ship one this week.

Gathered band keeps the flap securely in place.


Exterior pocket under flap helps you stay organized.

Lined in flannel for a added protection.

What do yall think?  You like?

How was everyone else's weekends?