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Monday, May 31, 2010

School's Out for SUMMER!!!!

It is done.  No more.  OVER.   Yep.  School that is.  We are officially out for Summer break and Mama is super happy!  Now I am sure this will only last for about a week before the fighting starts and the "I'm bored!" starts.  But I will at least enjoy this first blissful week.

The teacher gifts were a HUGE hit.  Remember these?

All three teachers loved them!!  It always cracks me up at how surprised people are to knnow that I sew.  Seriously, I generally show up at parties half the time in t-shirts, track pants or athletic clothes and a ponytail.  Not to mention sport stuff I see them at.  I have never really been a girly girl.  So I think they are surprised to see what I make.  Even a non-girly girl can love pretty fabrics.  LOL!

I also managed to finished the hot pads.  The tutorial was super easy to follow.  But let me just say I am not a fan of binding and it is definitely not my strongest skill.  Thank goodness the gift recipients aren't perfectionists like me.  Cause they were far from perfect.  They loved them and that is all I can ask for!

Each got a pair.

The teacher who got these fell in LOVE with Patty's Hummingbird fabric.  Her room is done in lime/black so she wanted info on where she could buy more to decorate her room for next year.  When I walked into the room the hot pads were hanging on the wall.  She told me they were too pretty to use and she was going to frame them for her room.  I almost blushed.  And anyone who knows me knows that I don't embarass easy.  So all in all, the teacher gifts were a big hit!

I have TONS of pictures from the kids' last week activities and hope to get them edited and posted very soon.  It was a lot of fun but one that ran me ragged.  On the very last day I hit three schools all before 9:00 a.m.  Yep.  I am SUPER MOM!  :D

Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer break so far!