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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fabric Scrap Addition - Scrap Stash Challenge!!

This is a "Post-It Note" and will remain at the top of my blog for the next two weeks.  Please scroll down for new blog posts.

UPDATE:  I will push the start of this challenge back one week.  I need to have pictures of the scraps you are using to me no later than Thursday, June 17.  Finished pictures need to be sent to me no later than Thursday, June 24 and all projects will be posted on my blog, Friday, June 25.

I am pretty sure that I am not the only person that has a hard time throwing anything away?  Right?  I really do have plans to make stuff with all of my scraps.  Really.  And I do use them quite a bit.  Not as much as I would like but I DO use them.  All of my scraps are sorted in two different large recyle bins.  Prints in one and solids in the other.

Then I spread them all out on my cutting table and sort by designer/fabric line first then by theme (i.e., polkadots, stripes, get the picture).

Once they are sorted, they are then put in ziploc bags for later use.

I seriously have these boxes and bins ALL over my sewing room.

Then I also have my basket of scraps that I use when my serger or sewing machine is acting up.  Just to make sure that I don't ruin any fabric or project.  This is also the bin that my kids like to dig in when they are hoping to sneak scraps.

So my question to you......are you in the same boat?  If so, do you wanna do something about it?  Turn those scraps into finished items?  How about a weekly challenge? 

Here is how to play:
  • Sign up to participate on this blog post including email address;
  • To be considered a "scrap," the piece needs to be no bigger than 20x20 inches;
  • Every Wednesday you will need to email me ( a picture of the scraps you will be using for that week's challenge.  You do not need to let me know specifically what you will be making.  Once the first challenge has officially started, you will then need to include pictures of the finished project plus pictures of the scraps you will be using for the following week's challenge.  Please include the link to your blog or website that you want your project to link to;
  • I will then post pictures on my blog every Friday of the finished product with a link to your blog or website;
  • Each month I will randomly choose a product/person to win a baggie of my scraps.
  • A Flickr group will be opened to share the finished scrap projects (coming soon).
The first challenge will start Friday, June 18.  You will need to send your picture of the scraps you will be using to me no later than Thursday, June 10.  Finished pictures plus the following week's scrap pictures will need to be sent to me no later than Thursday, June 17.  We will continue the challenge for as long as people are interested or at the very least, throughout the Summer.

Feel free to submit more than one project if you are feeling super motivated!  Each submission will earn you one entry into the scrap bag hat.

Maybe one week we can do a scrap swap??  We will see how things go and how much interest there is in the challenge.

I will also be participating but obviously will not be put in the hat for the free scrap bags.  I just thought this would be a fun way to use all those gorgeous scraps we cannot seem to throw away and make some great finished projects.  Feel free to pass this on!  The more the merrier.

Feel free to post any questions here or email me with questions.  This blog post will stay at the top of my blog until the challenge officially starts.  Then I will put a link on my sidebar so that latecomers can still join in the fun if they want!

So lets get "scrappin"!!